Michael Bien's Weblog (Comments) http://michael-bien.com/mbien/feed/comments/atom 2011-02-01T02:32:14+01:00 Apache Roller (incubating) http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/new_getting_started_with_jogl#comment-1296523934101 Re: New Getting Started with JOGL 2 tutorials Jean 2011-02-01T02:32:14+01:00 2011-02-01T02:32:14+01:00 <p>Hey, I are you ever gonna update the jogl netbeans pack for netbeans 7+?<br /> I am tessting openGL with C and I rather work in java and openGL since java is OO and i dont wanna get in to c++ yet!</p> <p>thankx</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/new_getting_started_with_jogl#comment-1296523895889 Re: New Getting Started with JOGL 2 tutorials Jean 2011-02-01T02:31:35+01:00 2011-02-01T02:31:35+01:00 <p>Hey, I are you ever gonna update the jogl netbeans pack for netbeans 7+?<br /> I am tessting openGL with C and I rather work in java and openGL since java is OO and i dont wanna get in to c++ yet!</p> <p>thankx</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/you_have_won_the_jackpot#comment-1287606290697 Re: You have won the Jackpot 3.0 Zden&#283;k Tron&iacute;&#269;ek 2010-10-20T22:24:50+02:00 2010-10-20T22:24:50+02:00 <p>RefactoringNG enables similar things as Jackpot but is more powerful. See http://kenai.com/projects/refactoringng/pages/Home.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1286323752935 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released mmc01 2010-10-06T02:09:12+02:00 2010-10-06T02:09:12+02:00 <p>Now,I can't download Netbeans 6.7 from www.netbeans.org. In Archive I cannot find Netbeans 6.7. I think you have to find developer team to develop JOGL plugin. Because,If it not easy to use openGL in JAVA or not support new version of Netbeans. I think many people will change to use VC++ for develop openGL. How can I install openGL in Netbeans 6.9 </p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1283903473166 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released bardackx 2010-09-08T01:51:13+02:00 2010-09-08T01:51:13+02:00 <p>Great plugin, too bad for the 6.9.1 Netbeans Version</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1282865768913 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released DRam 2010-08-27T01:36:08+02:00 2010-08-27T01:36:08+02:00 <p>the pack work with NB6.9.1 not more.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/using_the_wiiremote_for_headtracking#comment-1282075427463 Re: Using the WiiRemote for headtracking and cool 3D effects Michael Bien 2010-08-17T22:03:47+02:00 2010-08-17T22:03:47+02:00 <p>Hi Rami. For some reason I never managed to get a Wii :)<br /> I should have said &amp;quot;view frustum&amp;quot; instead of &amp;quot;projection matrix&amp;quot;. As soon you have the relative position of the viewer to the screen in world units all you would have to do is to adjust the frustum to create the &amp;quot;look out of a window&amp;quot; experience. At least this was the plan :)<br /> cheers</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/using_the_wiiremote_for_headtracking#comment-1282054737954 Re: Using the WiiRemote for headtracking and cool 3D effects Rami Santina 2010-08-17T16:18:57+02:00 2010-08-17T16:18:57+02:00 <p>Ohh just saw that this is an old blog post (2007)...Opps so by now ur done, over it and beyond...anyways how is everything...cheers</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/using_the_wiiremote_for_headtracking#comment-1282054632320 Re: Using the WiiRemote for headtracking and cool 3D effects Rami Santina 2010-08-17T16:17:12+02:00 2010-08-17T16:17:12+02:00 <p>manipulation of the matrices could be a burden and can cause a gimble lock especially if its related with realtime input as the one with wii remote.</p> <p>But since the wii-remote uses the camera model (ie Up vector, direction vector, and right vector, point of origin) which can be then manipulated by quaternions....i guess going into that direction will give u much better results..<br /> Hope it helps :)</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/jogl_2_opengl_profiles_explained#comment-1280754482482 Re: JOGL 2 - OpenGL Profiles explained Naoufel 2010-08-02T15:08:02+02:00 2010-08-02T15:08:02+02:00 <p>Now we see that JOGL support GL3 and GL4, but JOGL2 not yet released and already based on NB 6.7, still now JOGL2 on beta 5 and for NB 6.7, the question: is there any planning for a final release of JOGL2 or JOGL4 (with openGL4) + support for NetBeans 6.9?<br /> Thanks.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1279261928585 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released Dieter Dannerbeck 2010-07-16T08:32:08+02:00 2010-07-16T08:32:08+02:00 <p>The Netbeans plugin rocks! Any news on GLSL Editor?</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/xpath_netbeans_plugin#comment-1279098320362 Re: XPath NetBeans plugin James Dunmore 2010-07-14T11:05:20+02:00 2010-07-14T11:05:20+02:00 <p>Hi Michael,</p> <p>Many thanks for the quick reply (no worries about a fix taking a few days... I can survive!)</p> <p>I never deleved into plugin dev, but from scanning through, I think the issue is in this file: nbproject / project.xml ~ line 42</p> <p>(well, I can see the same version number as the problem above).</p> <p>I hope that helps.</p> <p>Thanks again.</p> <p>James.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/xpath_netbeans_plugin#comment-1279044278714 Re: XPath NetBeans plugin michael bien 2010-07-13T20:04:38+02:00 2010-07-13T20:04:38+02:00 <p>hello James,<br /> I won't have time to fix this the next few days but the plugin is open source:<br /> http://kenai.com/projects/xpathutil</p> <p>it should be fairly trivial. Probably only a dependency issue.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/xpath_netbeans_plugin#comment-1279033993935 Re: XPath NetBeans plugin James Dunmore 2010-07-13T17:13:13+02:00 2010-07-13T17:13:13+02:00 <p>Hi,</p> <p>(Having used the brilliant plugin on netbeans 6.5-&gt;6.8) It won't install on netbeans 6.9 on ubuntu 10.04. I get the following message:</p> <p>&amp;quot;The plugin Editor Library is requested in version &gt;= (release version 1) but only (of release version different from 1) was found.&amp;quot;</p> <p>Any ideas?</p> <p>Many thanks,<br /> James.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/jogl_2_opengl_profiles_explained#comment-1278676330966 Re: JOGL 2 - OpenGL Profiles explained michael 2010-07-09T13:52:10+02:00 2010-07-09T13:52:10+02:00 <p>sorry no ETA but stabilization will hopefully begin in the next few weeks. Just watch the forums on jogamp.org. </p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/jogl_2_opengl_profiles_explained#comment-1278668100693 Re: JOGL 2 - OpenGL Profiles explained Sylvester 2010-07-09T11:35:00+02:00 2010-07-09T11:35:00+02:00 <p>Hello guys,</p> <p>Is there any ETA for jogl 2 ? I am looking forward to see it for my new projects.</p> <p>Thanks</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1276787174271 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released Michael Bien 2010-06-17T17:06:14+02:00 2010-06-17T17:06:14+02:00 <p>we are currently fixing some JOGL 2 related issues... as soon they are fixed i will upload a new builds + post a short blog entry.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_0_51#comment-1276766483873 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack 0.5.5 released Michael Nischt 2010-06-17T11:21:23+02:00 2010-06-17T11:21:23+02:00 <p>Thanks a lot for your effort, the Netbeans plug-in is really great.</p> <p>Actually, I don't use anything besides the GLSL Editor, but the syntax highlighting and error checking are incredibly helpful.</p> <p>Any chance the GLSL Editor will be available for Netbeans 6.9 anytime soon?</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_opengl_pack_is_growing#comment-1270121356734 Re: NetBeans OpenGL Pack is evolving Michael Bien 2010-04-01T13:29:16+02:00 2010-04-01T13:29:16+02:00 <p>hi Joseph,<br /> sorry for being late, your post has been taged as stam thats why i haven't noticed it.</p> <p>the NOGL Pack has project templates which should use the right libraries for your system. Just create a new &amp;quot;Simple JOGL Application&amp;quot; project and test it. In java there are two important paths: the library path for native-, system dependent libraries and the classpath for java libraries. Both will be set up automatically for the project.</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/netbeans_git_plugin#comment-1270033053796 Re: NetBeans GIT support delor 2010-03-31T12:57:33+02:00 2010-03-31T12:57:33+02:00 <p>@Splover http://progit.org/book/</p>