Michael Bien's Weblog don't panic http://michael-bien.com/mbien/feed/entries/atom 2011-01-08T23:19:58+01:00 Apache Roller (incubating) http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/converting_from_cvs_to_git Converting from CVS to GIT mbien 2010-06-09T22:37:38+02:00 2010-06-09T22:39:16+02:00 <p> This post is a short description how to convert a CVS repository into GIT. I used the tool <a href="http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/cvs2git.html">cvs2svn</a> from Tigris.org for this task. As an example I will use the project <a href="http://bytonic.de/html/jake2.html">jake2</a>. </p> <h3>0. Install cvs2svn and cvs</h3> ('cvs2svn' not only does cvs2svn conversion it also contains the shell commands cvs2git and cvs2bzr) <pre class="brush: bash;"> sudo apt-get install cvs sudo apt-get install cvs2svn </pre> <h3>1. Download the CVS repository</h3> This is mandatory. In contrary to SVN you can't just read out the complete versioning history just by using the CVS protocol. To convert from CVS you will need direct file access to the repository. <p> Sourceforge for example supports repository synchronization via rsync to allow backups. Thats what I used to get a copy of the jake2 repository. </p> <pre class="brush: bash;"> rsync -av rsync://jake2.cvs.sourceforge.net/cvsroot/jake2/* . </pre> <h3>2. Convert into GIT fast-import format</h3> Take a look at <i>/usr/share/doc/cvs2svn/examples/cvs2git-example.options.gz</i> and extract the example configuration file. The file is very good documented so I won't repeat things here. But the most important step is to provide an author mapping from cvs to git authors (search for 'author_transforms'). <pre class="brush: bash;"> cvs2git --options=cvs2git.options </pre> <p> This will produce a dump and blob file for step 3. </p> <h3>3. Create GIT repository and import CVS history</h3> <pre class="brush: bash;"> mkdir gitrepo cd gitrepo git init cat ../repo-tmp/git-blob.dat ../repo-tmp/git-dump.dat | git fast-import </pre> <h3>4. Manual cleanup</h3> cvs2git will do its best to convert tags and branches into git tags and branches and usually add an artificial commit do document that. Now you will probably want to take a look at the repository with a history browser like gitk or giggle... and clean it up a bit. E.g remove branches which could be tags etc. If this is to much work you might consider to tweak the configuration of step 2 and convert again with different strategies. <br/><br/> - - - - <p> btw you can find the jake2 git repo <a href="http://github.com/mbien/jake2">here</a>. </p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/there_is_no_place_like There is no place like mbien 2009-05-06T17:48:19+02:00 2009-06-11T16:05:26+02:00 <p>I have decided to host my blog myself and thought I report about some highlights ;). The reason why I haven't bloged for a long time was actually a configuration issue of the old setup which confused <b><i>&lt;myDomain&gt;/myBlog</i></b> with <b><i>&lt;myBrother'sDomain&gt;/myBlog</i></b>. Selfhosting is also a good opportunity to play with enterprise software at home in a daily basis (not only the usual try and remove evaluation with constructed dummy projects or brainstormed scenarios).</p>I initially evaluated OpenSolaris since I was really eager to try out ZFS. But I decided to stay with Ubuntu 9.04 server edition (aka jaunty jackalope) since I already use the desktop version for my workstation. The other reason was the lower memory footprint of Ubuntu (256MB) compared to OpenSolaris (512MB) which is relevant if you run your site on over 10 years old hardware like I do.<br /><p>Ubuntu has great software repositories which just provide everything to get started (e.g Sun JDK6.13 and in theory also glassfish, netbeans, eclipse, your favourite database etc but i prefer in those cases zip files ;-) ).</p><p>Installation with gimmicks like Software RAID (RAID 1), firewall configuration went flawlessly. The combination GlassFish2.1 + Roller 4.0.1 + hsql 1.8 worked also on first attempt.<br /></p><p><b>a few thing I noticed:</b></p><ul><li>5 years ago the whole process would take far longer than two evenings</li><li>-XX:OnOutOfMemoryError=&lt;send me a mail command&gt; (since java 1.6) is really cool<br /></li><li>Cloudcomputing is overrated (web services should always be weather independent)</li><li>There is no place like</li></ul><p>don't worry the upcomming entries should be more technical - this is mainly a test ;-)</p> http://michael-bien.com/mbien/entry/hello_world1 Hello World mbien 2007-10-09T23:41:22+02:00 2009-08-09T12:18:01+02:00 <p><p>I am Michael Bien and this is my new weblog.</p><p> A few words about me. I am freelancer, and project owner of the <a href="http://kenai.com/projects/netbeans-opengl-pack">NetBeans OpenGL Pack</a>, the project <a href="https://fishfarm.dev.java.net/">FishFarm</a> and <a href="http://kenai.com/projects/jogl">JOGL</a> (JSR 231 - Java Bindings to OpenGL) committer. You will find here hopefully interesting blog entries about Java, computer graphics, open source software and new technologies. </p><p>have fun with Java and enjoy reading!</p></p>