//XPath plugin now available via NetBeans plugin portal

The XPath Utility I submitted to the NetBeans Plugin Portal over two months ago has been recently verified against NetBeans 6.7. This makes the plugin now directly available from within the IDE over the Plugin manager (Tools -> Plugins).

NB Plugin Manager

One .nbm less to carry with me ;)

//XPath NetBeans plugin

I built some time ago a NetBeans plugin which simplifies browsing through large xml documents a bit. Just start typing a XPath expression in the text field of the TopComponent and the result of the (last) xml editor in focus are computed and printed in the textarea below. (You can open the XPath window either by using the context menu on xml files or directly via the window menu)

It uses the JDK's javax.xml.xpath package which means XPath 1.0 support.

xpath query results

it also supports basic auto completion:

xpath completion for expressions

localized error messages (in other words: XPathExpressionException.getCause().getLocalizedMessage()):

error messages 

I uploaded the module to the plugin portal. Feel free to use it ;)